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Hi there, Obooters, parents and teachers!

My name is Rym and I am from a beautiful country in North Africa called Tunisia. I currently live in Montreal with my husband Khaled and my two sons, Zayd (15) and Kais (11). Between us, we lived in nine different countries and twelve different cities around the world: in Tunis, Kuwait, Amman, Lyon, Montreal, Philadelphia, Omaha, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul and Boston. 

Through my work in the fields of sustainable development, I got to meet incredible changemakers who are tackling important challenges like: protecting biodiversity, ending poverty, creating equal access to education, preserving heritage, fighting climate change and much more. Their stories are simply inspiring and their work game changing.


I created Oboot in collaboration with my son Kais to help you meet some of them.


Hopefully, the conversations that you will have with them will inspire you to also become a changemaker. 

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